Planning Your Wedding Dances
Weddings today contain many special dances, the first dance, where the couple takes their first spin on the dance floor. The parents' dance, the couple enjoys a special moment with the people who raised them. The anniversary dance, which salutes couples who have been married the longest.
Many engaged couples today plan choreographed routines based on popular Ballroom Dances to honor these special wedding dances and add a touch of elegance to the moment as it's captured in pictures and video. We put together this helpful guide for prospective Brides and Grooms on the suggested steps for planning choreographed Wedding Dances. Click your way through the guide below and/or print out the planning steps. Enjoy!
Staten Island Ballroom Dance Plan A Wedding Dance


Steps To Plan Your
Special Wedding Dance
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  • Have Fun
  • Choose Your Music & Songs
  • Book Your Dance Instructor
  • Reach Out To The Wedding Party
  • Practice, Practice, Practice
  • Enjoy Your Big Day

    Staten Island Ballroom Dancers - Health Benefits
    Ballroom dancing is joyful, artistic and creative through its many and varied dance movements. Choreographing a routine for your wedding should also be fun and not stressful. Find dances and music you both enjoy and make the learning process as fun as possible. You have enough to stress over with your wedding planning and learning a dance routine will inspire you and fill you with joy and love!




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